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Abandoning Logic: How Embracing Counter-Intuitive Ideas Could Make You Billions

Logical thought has served us well in so many fields, we’ve developed a tendency to use it as a guiding principle for almost everything. But in many areas – from economics to marketing – logic is of limited use.

Consider advertising. All too often, we assume that people will act in a purely logical way when it is often the counter-intuitive ideas – grounded in human nature - that have won the day. Rory Sutherland’s fantastic book – Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense – draws upon his years of experience to illustrate this point, suggesting that the gap between logical and psychological can determine whether a product is ultimately a success.

Embracing counter-intuitive ideas – free from the fear of failure – will enable us to explore the vast space of possibilities that our logic-constrained counterparts will never venture into.

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