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Carbon Capture: Can It Fix Climate Change?

Carbon capture technologies have been put forward as crucial tools for tackling the climate crisis. But their usefulness is hotly debated. 

It is a fact that the Earth is heating up, and we’re to blame. Climate change threatens to unleash a wave of global disasters and, while we are taking gradual steps to become greener, we still generate most of our energy by burning carbon.  

But what if, in addition to reducing our future carbon dependency, we could also undo some of the damage we’ve already inflicted? Imagine if we could clean up the atmosphere by removing harmful emissions after they’ve been pumped out – sort of like a power plant operating in reverse. That’s the potential of new carbon capture technologies. Or at least, some believe it is…  

The role of carbon capture in the global effort to tackle climate change is a topic of much debate. Could this be an essential new technology that helps to save our planet? Or is it a convenient distraction for businesses and governments to hide behind rather than tackling the root causes of global warming?

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