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Phishing Attacks: How to Avoid the Bait

Phishing attacks are one of the most common online scams around. We’ve all laughed at the blatantly fake “Nigerian Prince wants to share his fortune” emails, but what about when you receive highly personalised messages from your so-called bank? The website looks convincing, they know your personal details – it must be legitimate, right?


In a 2015 survey, 97% of people were unable to identity sophisticated phishing emails. What’s more, up to 77% of Spear Phishing attacks are said to target 10 people or less, with a jaw-dropping 33% of attacks targeting just ONE person.

It’s imperative to exercise extreme caution. Triple check website URLs, never click on the links contained within emails and call the supposed sender – your bank, friend, family member - directly if you’re unsure.

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