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The Great Resignation: Did It Actually Happen?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a lot of talk of folk leaving their jobs in record numbers. Something professor Anthony Klotz from Texas A&M dubbed “The Great Resignation.” It sounds dramatic – anything “great” with a capital “G” usually is – but did it actually happen?

Well, 2021 did see a rise in resignations in the UK and US, with almost 33% of Americans leaving their roles last year. That sounds like an incredibly high figure, but when you consider 28% of American workers quit their jobs in 2019 – pre-pandemic - it puts things in perspective. A rise in resignations, sure, but not as “great” as we may have assumed.

What “The Great Resignation” does point to, however, is a change in how employees consider their relationship with work - what needs a role should fulfil, and how...

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